Pinter selects INEOS Styrolution’s Terluran for Home Brewing Solution


Pinter selects INEOS Styrolution’s Terluran for Home Brewing Solution

Pinter based in London, UK has a passion to bring fresh beer to the world. The company’s product (also called Pinter) addresses home brewers who share their passion. As the reaction vessel is the core of their new home brewing cask, Pinter has selected INEOS Styrolution’s Terluran GP-35 for its food contact compliance.

Pinter worked with INEOS Styrolution’s distribution partner ALBIS to select the best polymer for a given purpose.

The Pinter home brewing cask is sold as one product. During production, however, it had to be broken down into individual functional sections with each section having its own specific requirements that influenced the design, manufacturing and assembly process. Based on the support provided by ALBIS, INEOS Styrolution’s Terluran GP-35 was selected as a core material for the solution.

INEOS Styrolution’s Terluran is an ABS polymer setting worldwide standards for cost-effectiveness and product quality. Terluran GP-35 is food contact compliant, with easy processing due to enhanced flowability. The product offers good impact strength, dimensional stability, and is ideally suited for self-colouring. Terluran GP-35 is also available as a sustainable ECO version, either recycling based, or bio-feedstock based, certified by ISCC in a mass balance approach.

ALBIS specialises in providing consumer facing customers with optimised services helping them make their design dreams come true. Chris Newman, Regional Technical Manager at ALBIS says: “We love working with customers like Pinter. We want the customer to focus on his expertise, while we contribute with our knowledge on polymers.”

Natasza Bil, Distribution Manager at INEOS Styrolution says: “Terluran GP-35 is a perfect material for this customer’s application. Not only is it the best solution today, but it also offers a drop-in upgrade path to sustainable ECO material with a lower environmental footprint.”

Alex Dixon, Co-Founder of Pinter adds: “Our company is committed to constantly improving product features as well as the sustainability of future models. We are pleased about the support we get from ALBIS to bring a functional and aesthetic product to market, and we are excited about the option to follow our sustainability path with the material we already use today.”

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