The Tie-bar-less Way for Fitting Production, ENGEL Victory


The Tie-bar-less Way for Fitting Production, ENGEL Victory

Small injection moulding machine for large moulds
Moulds for plastic fittings are often very large but require in relation low clamping force. The ENGEL tie-bar-less victory machine series has a large and easily accessible mould space. You only invest in the clamping force that the mould requires and not in a machine where the mould fits. For bulky injection moulds, ENGEL also offer wide-platen versions that are approximately 20% larger but have the same footprint.

Frequent mould changes can reduce the productivity of your injection moulding machines. Thanks to the large and easily accessible mould space of the victory machine series, moulds can be changed quickly. In addition, the “guided mould change” function of the ENGEL CC300 control unit makes the change process easier for your personnel with step-by-step instructions and semi-automated processes. You reduce your downtimes and increase your productivity.

Precise process control for stable PVC processing
The ENGEL victory machine offers special features for processing PVC materials. This includes a specially developed plasticizing unit that is perfectly tailored to the requirements of PVC and enables uniform and precise processing of the PVC melt. In addition, the machine features PVC-specific screw geometries that minimize material degradation and ensure high-quality production results. Another important aspect is the precise process control, which allows temperature, pressure and speed to be accurately controlled. This is crucial to keep the PVC temperature within recommended limits and ensure the quality of the final products. Overall, the ENGEL victory machine offers stable processing of PVC materials, which minimizes material losses and waste and increases the efficiency and profitability of the production process.

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